We build fully custom pole building construction barndominiums.

Barndominiums are an exceptional housing choice, seamlessly blending the rustic charm of a barn with modern home comforts. Their open floor plans offer versatility and spacious interiors, allowing for customizable layouts. Built with durable and cost-effective metal construction, barndominiums are an affordable and environmentally friendly housing option. Their unique aesthetic appeal, practical design, and low maintenance make them an attractive and innovative choice for homeowners.

Pros and Cons of Barndominiums

Barndominiums are a type of residential building that combine a barn and a living space. They have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their unique aesthetic and functionality. Here are some pros and cons of barndominiums:


  1. Cost-effective: Barndominiums are often less expensive to build than traditional homes because they use existing barn structures.
  2. Customizable: Barndominiums can be designed to suit your specific needs and preferences, as the open floor plan and large open spaces allow for flexible and creative design options.
  3. Durable: Barndominiums are made with sturdy materials such as metal or wood, making them resistant to weather and pests.
  4. Energy-efficient: The large open spaces of barndominiums can be easily insulated, making them more energy-efficient than traditional homes.
  5. Multi-functional: Barndominiums can be used for multiple purposes such as living quarters, storage, and even as a workspace or workshop.


  1. Limited financing options: Many banks and lenders are hesitant to finance barndominiums because they are considered non-traditional housing, which can make it difficult to obtain a mortgage or financing.
  2. Zoning and building regulations: Depending on the location, zoning laws and building regulations may restrict the construction of barndominiums.
  3. Limited resale value: Barndominiums may not appeal to a wide range of buyers, which can limit their resale value.
  4. Limited space for privacy: The open floor plan of barndominiums may not provide the same level of privacy as traditional homes.

Overall, barndominiums can be a unique and affordable housing option with many benefits, but the decision to build one should be carefully considered based on individual needs, budget, and location.

Example Floor Plans

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